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Kyoto Shibori Museum

While traveling to Japan, we decided to take a few classes in shibori technics. As designers, we’re always fascinated to learn more and more about local traditions and crafts, and as a fashion designer, I’m personally obsessed with hand dyeing, and fell in love with shibori long ago. As a...

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Endless Fountain Of Inspiration

10 years ago, while I was still in fashion school, I took a bridal gown class, we had to design a gown inspired by a local bride in a foreign country. I was assigned Japan, and was pretty disappointed (Of course I wanted USA / New York...), in my eyes,...

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The Spring Has Sprung at Chanel Haute Couture

Well, you know me by now right? You know what inspires me, “Inspired by all things pretty, the color pink and flower blossom”, and this is who I am. I’m obsessed with flowers, embellishments and embroideries; I used to work for an embroidery house, design embroideries for companies from runway...

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